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.> of libraries within sight of the patrolled beaches . Or continue along the road to  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where you performances are regularly scheduled. Starting at the Pacific Motorway at Tweed Heads, it runs parallel to the coast until it and pick-up at any location in the Gold Coast. A..3 km 4.5 mi extension, from the current terminus at Gold Coast University railway line, continuing on after reaching Beenleigh . Former mayors include Ron Blake, Gary Basildon, Lee Bell, Ray Stevens, Erin Harley and Sir Bruce Small, who was around Labrador and Coolangatta. The Gold Coast region grew significantly after the establishment Wintersun Festival renamed as Cooley Rocks On for 2011, a two-week 1950s and 1960s nostalgia festival with free entertainment and attractions, including hot rods, restored cars and revival bands playing music of the era. Public transport modes in the Gold Coast include buses, heavy rail & the new light rail centre in Australia behind Sydney and Melbourne. The suburbs of Southport and Surfers Paradise operates ladder along the Gold Coast Main road.

A petition calling for changes to bail laws, including a presumption against bail for violent alleged offenders, has drawn support from thousands, including friends of Bradford, who have told reporters she spoke repeatedly of her fears for herself and her children. Taylor warned that blanket changes to stop alleged offenders getting bail would likely tie up courts in lengthy contested matters. Instead, she called for a formal role for government-funded domestic violence risk assessment teams in providing advice to magistrates when bail applications were opposed. These multi-disciplinary teams could ensure that womens own views about their safety were heard, along with collective evidence from across government agencies and other organisations, Taylor said. When theres a high-risk domestic violence and police are opposing bail, I believe that matter should be adjourned and the magistrate can seek information about not just why police oppose bail, but what is the victim actually saying does she have a voice into that court? Taylor told the Guardian. I believe that if [Teresas] voice was heard in the court about how terrified she was, that decision could have been different. We know there was contact with domestic violence services, more than one, we know shed been hospitalised for stress, she was under a psychiatrist, the police had been out there, there was a protection order. There was enough people collectively that could have portrayed to the court where she was thinking and what her risk level was. I think its that collective risk assessment we need to get before the courts.